Münchner Klavierpodium

The “Münchner Klavierpodium” is intended for participants of all nationalities, and its aim is to offer young musicians the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and to gain experience in delivering concerts as a prize winner.

Age Groups

Participants are being judged in the following age groups:

I 5 - 8 years
II 9 - 11 years
III 12 - 13 years
IV 14 - 16 years
V 17 - 25 years
VI 26 - 30 years

The decisive factor, in which age category the participant is playing, is the age on the first day of the competition (30 June).

Competition Categories

This year prizes will be awarded in two categories:


Panel of Experts
Anna Gourari (D) (chair)
Joseph Paratore (USA)
August Gerstmeier (D)
Peter Lönnqvist (FI)
et al.

Alongside the panel of experts, the following judging panels will give their assessments: one from the media, one from the audience, and one made up of young people (previous prize winners). The jury may decide to abbreviate the programme. The decisions of the jury are incontestable, and not subject to questions, revisions, or appeal.

One of the main concerns of our association ›Dialog‹ Neues Münchner Kunstforum e.V. is the detection and promotion of young talents. In order to tackle this more successfully, we have founded an international contest, whose name has been chosen with care: “Münchner Klavierpodium” (“Piano Showcase Munich”). Our event wants to be first and foremost a platform, offering young people the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, rather than to be a competition, which is often affected by the aspect of competing against others. Indeed, almost all of our participants receive a token of recognition at the end, however small, intended to be motivational. Everyone should leave with the positive feeling that the big, beautiful world of music is not just an arena in which one has to fight, but also a world of dialogue and mutual engagement, in which everyone can have their place.

The “Münchner Klavierpodium” will be held for the 20th time in June / July 2022. As in all past years, it is supposed to support gifted young musicians, aged 5 to 30 and of all nationalities, through organisation of concerts and procurement of various engagements. We are convinced, that one of the best ways to support and help growing musicians to develop their own individuality is to provide them with opportunities to perform, in order to gain experience in contact with audiences. We consider the fact that all participants are allowed to put together their programme themselves—apart from one mandatory piece—very important, as we want to give all participants every freedom to present themselves individually. In terms of equal opportunities we also refrain from asking for information regarding the teacher of the participant or any previously won awards or prizes. Four independent juries will be judging: the panel of experts, a media jury (with representatives from the media and the music business), an alternative jury, and a junior jury made out of previous prize winners.

Simon Gourari
Artistic Director

Many thanks for the kind support:
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