Programme 2018

All works are to be performed from memory. Every participant will present a programme with works of his/her free choice. Judged will be natural and truthful rendition of the works as well as artistic expression of the interpretation. The total playing time should be:

The jury may decide to abbreviate the programme. The programme has to include the following:

Age group
Franz Schubert: Walzer (1821)
op. 9a As-Dur Nr.9 or
op. 9a A-Dur Nr.16 or
op. 9b G-Dur Nr. 1 or
op. 9b G-Dur Nr. 3
Age group
Franz Schubert: Ländler op. posth. A-Dur Nr. 1 or
A-Dur Nr. 2 or
Scherzo B-Dur D 593
Age group
Franz Schubert: One piece of Moments musicaux op. 94 D 780
Age group
Franz Schubert: One piece of Impromptus op. 142 D 935
Age group
Franz Schubert: Sonate c-Moll D 958 (2nd, 3rd movement) or
Sonate A-Dur D 959 (2nd, 3rd movement)